Watch the Apache Pulsar in Action virtual book launch with author David Kjerrumgaard!

Maximize the value of your data with an event-driven architecture.

Today, many companies are undergoing digital transformation in order to maximize the business value of their data. They are pivoting away from a pure streaming workload to unified batch and streaming workloads, migrating from monolithic architecture to microservices, and looking for new solutions to unlock new use cases. Apache Pulsar’s cloud-native capabilities and unified messaging model makes it uniquely positioned to meet business’ emerging needs.

David Kjerrumgaard’s book Apache Pulsar in Action is your ultimate guide to getting started with Apache Pulsar. Watch David and co-host Tim Spann discuss why companies are adopting Pulsar over traditional messaging systems and how Pulsar can benefit your organization. 

Why You Should Watch: 

  • The opportunity to hear first-hand as Pulsar experts share their insights on Apache Pulsar and the trends that are developing in event-driven architectures. 
  • Watch a live walk-through and demo on how to design an event-based microservices application based on Pulsar functions.
Meet the Speakers
David Kjerrumgaard
Developer Advocate
Apache Pulsar Committer and Author of "Apache Pulsar in Action"
Tim Spann
Developer Advocate
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