Apache Pulsar Helps Tencent Process Tens of Billions of Financial Transactions Efficiently with Virtually No Data Loss

Executive Summary

As the largest provider of Internet products and services in China, Tencent serves billions of users and over a million merchants—and these numbers are growing fast! Tencent’s enterprises generate a huge volume of financial transactions, placing a tremendous load on their billing service, which processes hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each day.

Because Tencent had been unable to scale its current billing service to handle their rapidly growing business, the possibility of data loss had become an escalating concern. To ensure data consistency, the company decided to redesign their system’s transaction processing pipeline. After evaluating the pros and cons of several messaging systems, Tencent chose to implement it using Apache Pulsar. As a result, Tencent can now run their billing service on a very large scale with virtually no data loss.

Download and review our Case Study for an in-depth look at how Tencent uses Pulsar in its financial use case.

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