StreamNative Customer Success Stories

"After evaluating several messaging systems, we decided that Pulsar provided the right balance of scalability, reliability, and features to replace RabbitMQ at Iterable and, ultimately, to replace other messaging systems like Kafka and Amazon SQS"
Greg Methvin
Senior Staff Software Engineer at Iterable


StreamNative Customers

Building the Next-Generation Messaging Platform on Apache Pulsar

How Apache Pulsar is Helping Iterable Scale its Customer Engagement Platform

Building Topic-as-a-Service Using Apache Pulsar

Powering the Post-Purchase Experience for some of the largest retailers using Apache Pulsar

Unlimited Infrastructure Monitoring for Free Enabled by Apache Pulsar

Why Micro Focus Chose Pulsar for Data Ingestion

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Apache Pulsar Users

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Secure, Multi-tenant Messaging platfrom powered by Apache Pulsar

How Splunk Scaled Pulsar to 10 Petabytes/Day

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How Apache Pulsar Helps Streamline Message System and Reduces O&M Costs at Tuya Smart

Build a Priority-based Push Notification System Using Apache Pulsar at GeTui

Keytop Delivers Enhanced Parking Experience with Apache Pulsar

How Orange Financial combats financial fraud in over 50M transactions a day using Apache Pulsar

Apache Pulsar Adoption Story in ActorCloud (IoT Platform)

BIGO: Embarking on the Road to a Stable and Scalable Real-time Messaging Experience with Apache Pulsar

Qraft Technologies Increases AI-Powered Order Execution Performance with Apache Pulsar

Apache Pulsar and KoP in Practice: How Sina Weibo Migrated from Kafka to Pulsar

Powering Federated Learning at Tencent with Apache Pulsar

Apache Pulsar in Practice: vivo's Road to a Cloud-native Messaging and Streaming Experience

Why Zhaopin Chooses Pulsar SQL for Search Log Analysis

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