What is StreamNative Cloud?

StreamNative Cloud is the industry’s only fully managed, cloud-native messaging and event streaming platform powered by Apache Pulsar. Apache Pulsar is an open-source, distributed pub/sub messaging and event streaming platform that enables industry leaders globally to build pub/sub messaging and event-driven applications at scale. Built and operated by the original developers of Apache Pulsar and Apache BookKeeper, StreamNative Cloud provides a scalable, resilient, and secure messaging and event streaming platform for enterprises.

How can I get started with StreamNative Cloud?

For Hosted Clusters, you can sign up at https://console.streamnative.cloud/?defaultMethod=signup. After you sign up, you can get an introduction to the web console and the StreamNative Cloud CLI to manage clusters and Pulsar resources by following the Quick Start with Cloud Manager and Quick Start with Cloud CLI.

For Managed Clusters, you can contact us with your requirements. One of our professionals will follow up with you on your requirements.

Why am I not receiving the verification Email?

You should receive a verification email after signing up for StreamNative Cloud. If you are not seeing it in your inbox, check your Spam or Junk folder. Your ISP or corporate domain may be configured to deliver commercial mails to your Spam or Junk folder by default.


How can I get access to technical support?

For Hosted Clusters, to upgrade from Free to one of our support plans that offer technical support, such as Essentials and Business, you can email cloud-support@streamnative.io to generate a support ticket. One of our professionals will follow up with you to set up your support plan. With one of our technical support plans, you can get assistance from the world’s foremost Pulsar expert. For more information about our plans visit our support page.

For Managed Clusters, the support plan is included in the subscription plan you purchased.

Pricing & Billing

How is my monthly bill calculated?

For Hosted Clusters, StreamNative Cloud monthly bills are based on your consumption of resources within your cloud organization. Learn more.


After I sign up, how do I cancel my account?

You can email cloud-support@streamnative.io to generate a support ticket. To prevent any charges from the time you send the email to the time the account is deleted, please be sure to stop all usage including producing, consuming, or storing messages and delete your Pulsar instances in StreamNative Cloud.

Try Free

Is there any discounts or free trial on StreamNative Cloud?

StreamNative Cloud supports deploying free clusters on GCP and AWS cloud platform. To create a standard cluster, you can contact us to access to discounts on usage. One of our professionals will follow up with you on your requirements.
StreamNative Cloud FAQs
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Free Cloud

StreamNative Free Cloud offers all of the capabilities of Pulsar without the need for a credit card.

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