Manning Publications and StreamNative present:

Real-Time Discussions on Real-Time Data Processing

Date: October 21st

Time: 1:00 PM PT / 4:00 PM EST

Hosts: David Kjerrumgaard, Josh Fischer, and Ning Wang

Moderator: Tim Spann

Join a live discussion and conversation about real-time data processing with a panel of streaming experts and published authors including David Kjerrumgaard, Josh Fisher, and Ning Wang. Moderated by Tim Spann, expected topics to be discussed include: defining streaming, messaging vs. streaming, the how, what, and why of stateful processing, at least once vs. at most once, how serverless functions (compute) fit into streaming, and much more.

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Learn more about the hosts:

David Kjerrumgaard is a Developer Advocate at StreamNative and Apache Pulsar Committer. His recent Manning publication Apache Pulsar in Action is the most popular downloaded content on the StreamNative website currently. His experience includes working with Splunk, Lockheed Martin, Hortonworks, FedEx, and more on major real-time data processing projects.

Josh Fischer, Apache PPMC & Committer, is a part of the project management committee for the Apache Heron distributed streaming process engine. Josh is a Software Engineer at Scotcro and has worked moving large datasets in real-time for organizations like 1904labs and Bayer, in addition to co-authoring the Manning publication: Grokking Streaming Systems, Real-time Event Processing.

Ning Wang, Apache PPMC & Committer, is a Software Engineer at Amplitude building real-time data pipelines. He was a key contributor of Apache Herson in Twitter's Real-time Compute team and co-authored the 5-star reviewed Manning publication: Grokking Streaming Systems, Real-time Event Processing.


Tim Spann has 15+ years of experience with streaming technologies including Pulsar, Flink, Spark, and more. Today, he helps grow the Pulsar community as a Developer Advocate with StreamNative, sharing his deep technical knowledge and experience at both global conferences and 1:1 conversations.

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Meet the Speakers
David Kjerrumgaard
Developer Advocate, StreamNative
Author of "Apache Pulsar in Action"
Moderator Tim Spann
Developer Advocate, StreamNative
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