[On-Demand] The Apache Pulsar™ Meetup Video is available *now*!

Companies today are undergoing digital transformation in order to unlock the business value of their data. They are developing microservices and adopting real-time data streaming and low-latency batch workloads to unlock new use cases.

In this Meetup recording, you’ll learn how Apache Pulsar’s cloud-native capabilities, scalability, and reliability as a messaging and event-streaming platform are driving its popularity and adoption for companies moving to microservices and the cloud. Watch to learn how your organization can benefit from an event-driven architecture.

Bringing over a decade of experience with IoT, big data, computing, messaging, and streaming technologies, Tim provides insights into the modern data streaming landscape and how Pulsar fits in it. In this Meetup, he demonstrates how to build Pulsar applications and how to produce and consume Pulsar messages with Python, Java, and Golang.

Meet the Speakers
Timothy Spann
Developer Advocate, StreamNative
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