Watch the Virtual Meetup Apache Pulsar and Apache NiFi For Cloud Data Lakes

Discover how to stream data to and from your data lake or data mart using Apache Pulsar and Apache Nifi. Learn how these cloud-native, scalable open-source projects built for streaming data pipelines work together to enable you to quickly build applications with minimal coding.

What the Session Will Cover: 

  • Best Practices for using Pulsar with NiFi 
  • A deep dive on the new integration, Apache NiFi's Pulsar connector, and demos
  • How to build an End-to-End application in the hybrid cloud

Attend for a chance to win a We <3 Pulsar t-shirt! The first 50 registrants who register will be entered in a drawing!

Meet the Speakers
Timothy Spann
Developer Advocate, StreamNative
John Kuchmek
Principal Solutions Engineer, Cloudera
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