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StreamNative is excited to announce the sponsorship of O'Reilly's eBook Mastering Apache Pulsar.

Author Jowanza Joseph has spent his career working on large and distributed data problems, including work with Pulsar, Scala, and Java. Currently, Jowanza is a Software Engineer at Pluralsight, where he helps to build reliable and performant distributed data systems.

Dive into the full digital copy of Mastering Apache Pulsar, where you will learn about:

  • The Value of Real-Time Messaging
  • Event Streams and Event Brokers
  • Pulsar, including Design Principles, Ecosystem, and Success Stories
  • Pulsar Internals
  • Consumers

Interested to learn more about Apache Pulsar? Whether you are new to Pulsar or an existing user, this book provides a powerful overview for all Pulsar users. Download the eBook today!

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