StreamNative Cloud Launches on AWS Marketplace

September 20, 2021
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StreamNative Cloud is a fully-managed Apache-Pulsar-as-a-service offering, built by the original creators of Pulsar, and trusted by enterprises to manage mission-critical workloads. Today, we are excited to announce that StreamNative Cloud is available on the AWS Marketplace.

AWS + StreamNative

Since its launch in early 2021, StreamNative Cloud has gained popularity with organizations - such as Iterable, Narvar, and others - who are looking to unify and empower teams with a cloud-native messaging and streaming platform. With the launch of StreamNative Cloud on AWS Marketplace, developers who rely on AWS can easily extend their capabilities with the power of Pulsar. This streamlines the process, enabling developers to sign up and deploy a cluster in minutes without having to enter a credit card.

In addition to StreamNative Cloud’s availability on the AWS Marketplace, its support for Pulsar connectors for AWS Services, such as Kinesis, SQS, and Lambda, makes it a turnkey messaging and streaming solution for AWS customers. With StreamNative Cloud, organizations can enable real-time data capabilities with a fully-managed, multi-tenant messaging and streaming platform.

Get Pulsar Spinning Today

Get started with StreamNative Cloud on AWS Marketplace with three easy steps: 1. Sign up via your AWS account. 2. Log in, create your organization, and invite your team members to join. 3. Create your first Pulsar Cluster.

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