StreamNative and Cloudera present the new integration of Apache Pulsar™ and Apache NiFi™

StreamNative and Cloudera are excited to announce the integration of Apache Pulsar™ and Apache NiFi™.

Together, NiFi and Pulsar enable companies to create a cloud-native, scalable, real-time streaming data platform that can ingest, transform, and analyze massive amounts of data.

Pulsar and NiFi Integration Resources

  • [Get Started] Sign up for StreamNative Cloud and spin up a Pulsar cluster in minutes, or contact us.
  • [On-Demand Meetup] Watch Tim Spann, (Developer Advocate, StreamNative) and John Kuchmek, (Principal Solutions Engineer, Cloudera) as they present: "Apache Pulsar and Apache NiFi for Cloud Data Lakes" (1 hr).
  • [GitHub] Access the source code.
  • [Learn More] Take a look at StreamNative Cloud, powered by Apache Pulsar.
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