StreamNative Ambassador Program

StreamNative Ambassadors (SAs) are individuals who are passionate about the Apache Pulsar technology and community, actively engaged in the real-time data space, and excited to help others learn about Apache Pulsar and get involved in the community.We are looking for ambassadors who are tech enthusiasts, including developers, architects, writers, and influencers who are active with Apache Pulsar and looking for more ways to contribute, such as by hosting events, writing blogs, speaking at community events, and more.

Why be a StreamNative Ambassador?

The StreamNative Ambassador program will provide support and resources to help ambassadors better promote Apache Pulsar. Being a part of the StreamNative Ambassador program will give you the opportunity to work directly with Apache Pulsar PMC members, Pulsar community leaders and engineers, the opportunity to contribute to the project roadmap, and much more.

The ability to be a leader in the real-time data community

Recognition of peers

The opportunity to work directly with Pulsar and StreamNative developers and founders

The support of the Pulsar and StreamNative communities

Pulsar and StreamNative Swag

Front row access to the Pulsar roadmap

Ambassador Checklist

Requirements for becoming an official StreamNative Ambassador are:

  • 1

    Active member of the Apache Pulsar community in some way, whether that’s as an engineer, contributor, blogger, speaker, etc.

  • 2

    Attend monthly StreamNative Ambassador calls. This is a great opportunity to connect with fellow ambassadors, get a sneak peek at project updates, brainstorm ideas on how to promote Pulsar in your community, and get support for your programs.

  • 3

    As a StreamNative Ambassador, we ask that you make one contribution quarterly. Contributions may include speaking at a community event, writing technical content such as a blog post, hosting an Apache Pulsar community meetup, etc. We will provide resources to help you set up your events, or produce content, including ongoing support such as swag and reimbursements for costs associated with running a community event, content editing and review, etc.

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